A Rainy Day Collection resin Family figurine from Juliana Gifts. This figurine features a neutral colour palette and a stone washed finish to accentuate its simple, tasteful and stylised impression of a family in the rain. The perfect addition to a mantel or shelf in a family home. Juliana is the signature name behind an extensive range of giftware from the classic and collectible to the quirky and abstract. Under the flagship of Juliana, there is a wide selection of high quality products designed in the UK which is continually refreshed and updated with new designs to ensure the brand stays in touch with contemporary trends. From figurines adorned with beautiful engravings and embellishments to modern celebrations of world culture, all of the Juliana giftware comes in high quality, branded packaging ensuring it attracts the modern, discerning consumer looking for affordable and inspiring giftware.

Product Dimensions: 300 h 115 w 95 d mm

Rainy Day Collection Resin Figurine - Family

SKU: 60520