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Bring some charming character to your shelves or garden with this delightful, hardwearing and collectable whittled wood and bark effect resin duck figurine from Naturecraft by Best of Breed. Suitable for outdoor use (colours will fade with time). Naturecraft's core ranges are traditional, tasteful and high quality, featuring the wildlife of both the UK & abroad from foxes and Badgers, to lions, elephants and even the aquatic. Acquired by Widdop in 2005, Naturecraft has always been famous for its incredible representations of wildlife applied to handmade, beautifully finished sculptures, gifts and keepsakes. Whether it is wild jungle gorillas or majestic stallions of the stable, the natural world is captivating and inspiring for all ages and Naturecraft is a range of giftware that reflects the magnificence of that diverse kingdom that we live alongside.

Naturecraft Collection Resin Duck Figurine - 47cm

SKU: NC1125
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